Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday Nails - Mermaid's Eyes Review and Nail Art

Happy Easter! As you are all probably being bombarded with hundreds of different Easter nail art, I thought that I would post something a little different today: a review. 

*Debora Lippmann Nail Polish in Mermaid's Eyes
*I was sent this nail polish to review but that in no way effects my opinion, for more information please check out my disclaimer page. Thank you to for sending me this product.

Mermaid's Eyes by Deborah Lippmann is a limited edition nail polish that was inspired by one of their most popular nail polish's Mermaid's Dream, that was released as part of their summer 2013 collection. Mermaid's Eyes is a beautiful metallic nail polish with little chunks of dark blue glitter and gold shimmer running through it, it applies beautifully and opaquely though I would recommend at least two coats for a completely opaque finish. 

One thing that I love about this nail polish is that it is thin enough that it dries quickly (within one or two minutes) but opaque enough that you don't have to apply four or five layers. My only gripe with this nail polish is that is has a bit of a rough texture because of the glitter but this was easily fixed with a top coat. As for it's wearing power I've been wearing it for a good few days now and it has shown no signs of chipping which I'd expect from a high end nail polish.

Inspired by the name of the polish I decided to do some nail art inspired by the scales on a mermaid's tail, using Mermaid's Eyes as a base colour before creating the scales with a black nail art pen and adding detail with a white nail art pen to create a 3D effect. 

Overall I think that Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are of a very high quality and I would consider buying them in the future. They have a beautiful range of unique colours, making them perfect as a gift for someone or a treat for yourself, but because of the £18 price tag I probably wouldn't buy them other than as a treat.

Have you tried an Deborah Lippmann nail polishes before?

Eleanor xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Fashion Haul

Ah a new season, a whole new wardrobe! Well not a whole new wardrobe, just a few new basics to update my closet. I haven't quite decided what style or trend that I'll be going for this spring/summer so everything that I've bought so far have been basic and versatile so that I can style it in multiple ways and its not a disaster if I change my mind. That being said I hope this haul isn't too boring for you!

I've really wanted some black high top style trainers for quite a long time now but I've never found the right pair for the right price. This was until recently when I suddenly started seeing pictures of Nike Air Force 1's popping up all over instagram and tumblr and fell in love, the problem was that I only ever saw them in white. After a quick Google search I found that Nike did in fact make them in black but practically no where sold them. But luckily for me, while I was browsing the concessions in Topshop on Oxford street I saw them, bought them in my size and took them home like a proud parent to a newborn baby.

Black Nike Air Force 1 - £51.99
For a few years now Primark has been my go to place for sunglasses. They've always got hundreds of styles that are always less than a fiver, and this year wasn't a disappointment. I picked up these gorgeous round sunglasses with gold detailing on the bridge on the nose and on the arms, they're sort of a cross between John Lennon and the Olsen Twins if you get my drift.

Primark Sunglasses - £3
Some simple gold rings are another thing that I've been lusting after for quite a while but I could never justify to myself spending £12 or something ridiculous for a pack from Topshop, I then saw this pack of rings in Primark for £2.50 and all the waiting was made worthwhile. In the pack there are three different types of rings, skinny, medium and large with a cutout, making them perfect for stacking without the cost of buying lots of rings separately. 

Primark Rings - £2.50
I have finally found my perfect pair of ripped jeans! They're the perfect mid wash denim that I was after, the perfect fit: not boyfriend jeans but not skinny jeans either and not so many rips that they may as well be shorts! Another bonus is that they won't break the bank as they were only £19.99 a bargain compared to the Topshop ripped jeans.

Pull and Bear Jeans - £19.99
H and M Basic T-Shirt - £6.99
Everyone needs basic t-shirts in their wardrobe, including me which is why it was strange when I realised that I didn't actually own any basic t-shirts. So while I was in town I picked up these two grey v-neck t-shirts, they're flattering, cheap and good quality, what is not to love?

H and M Basic T-Shirt - £6.99
Since the weather has picked up recently my sister and I have recently started to go running. I used to be quite good at running and I've done the Race for Life in the past, but with Sixth Form taking up a lot of my time, running got pushed to the back. So in my quest for a bikini body I've started running again but I had nothing to wear, so when I was in Primark I picked up this cheap black hoodie.

Primark Hoodie - £8

Sorry I haven't been buying any extravagant items like pink feather boas or Jimmy Choos (?) but you've got to have the staples before you buy any investment pieces. I'd love to know what you've been buying recently so make sure to link your blogs below! 

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Eleanor xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Nails - Negative Space Positive Energy

In the past I've never really been one to follow nail art trends, while some of them have been cool and interesting like caviar manicures or crackle nail polishes I've just never jumped on the band wagon until now. Recently I've being seeing a lot of negative space nail art and I love it! 

Unlike other nail art trends in the past, you can easily do this at home without having to go out and buy hundreds of different nail polishes or beads as all you need is your regular nail varnish and some sellotape. Simply cut the sellotape into whatever shape you want (for this look I cut thin strips of sellotape) and place them on your nail where you want to negative space to be. Then paint your nail as normal before finally taking of the sellotape to reveal your design, and once it is all dry finish with a clear topcoat to seal it all together.

Top Tip - Use tweezers to take off the sellotape it makes it a lot easier and you won't smudge your other nails while doing it!

I'd love to know what you think of this trend and will you be trying it out? 

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Eleanor xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

GIVEAWAY - £15 ASOS Gift Voucher

A few weeks ago I started hitting a some milestones on my blog and decided that it was finally time to do a giveaway! I've never done a giveaway before but I really wanted to say thank you to you guys for all of your support and this is just a small way to say thank you.


I have decided to giveaway a £15 ASOS Gift Card as ASOS sell such a wide variety of products that I'm sure whoever wins the competition with have no problem in finding something to spend the money on. It's also safer than me buying makeup or clothes, that you might already own or that might not suit you.

To enter the giveaway you must be following my blog as this is a competition to thank my followers for their support but there are other ways to gain extra entries as well with all of the links being at the side of my page under the 'about me' section. (Please make sure you follow the right accounts as if you are not following the right account your entry will not count).

Simply follow the rafflecopter instructions below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to everyone who enters! 

Eleanor xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

Review - Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Eye Palette

I've never tried any Bobbi Brown products in the past purely because the price tag put me off. Don't get me wrong I love high end products but when it comes to getting the most product for your money I wouldn't say that Bobbi Brown is the best value for money compared to brands like Urban Decay. But when my sister came home from Uni with the Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude palette I was so entranced by its prettiness that I begged her to let me borrow it.

As the name of the palette would suggest that the eyeshaddows have an orange/peach undertone and it includes three different finishes including metallic, sparkle and matte, with two different colours in each finish that would suit almost every skin tone. 

All of the eyeshaddows are very creamy and blend beautifully into the skin, but due to their creamy formula they aren't as pigmented as I would have hoped. They're still very pigmented but as you can see with Rich Caviar it's not the blackest black, so I kind of feel that it's a bit wasted in this palette especially since I already own hundreds of black eyeshadows.

From L to R: Pale Cream, Soff Buff, Golden Bronze, Pink Bellini, Earth, Rich Caviar
The Nectar & Nude Palette costs £37.50 working out at £6.25 per eyeshaddow which is pretty reasonable if you compare it to the cost of a single Mac eyeshaddow, but when there are so many other neutrals palettes out there on the market I wouldn't say that it particularly stands out. That being said it is still a gorgeous palette, the eyeshaddows are of a great quality and they look beautiful on the eyes making it a worthy edition to anyone's makeup collection.

What do you think of Bobbi Brown's Nectar & Nude Eyeshaddow Palette?

Eleanor xx

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Nails - Butterfly Wings

While I've never been fond of insects, I've always loved butterflies. From finger painting pictures of butterflies as a kid to seeing Damien Hirst's exhibition at the Tate Modern on butterflies, their beauty has always fascinated me. With summer approaching hopefully we'll start seeing a lot more butterflies but until then I will just have to paint my nails to look like butterfly wings.

The base colour is actually a mixture of a holographic silver nail polish and a purple sparkly polish and while it looks pretty I kind of wish that I had blended in a blue sparky nail varnish as well, so if you are going to recreate this look then that could be something that you could do. I then used my black and white nail art pens, outlining the shapes and then filling in the outside space before adding a few white dots around the edges.

Also for those of you who do not know, on Thursday I finished Sixth Form for 2 weeks and while that sounds like I'll have loads of time to relax and blog, it turns out that I have a lot of revision to do. Painting my nails and blogging is my method of procrastinating from revision, which while it's sort of productive I need to revise as well, so please bear with me as I try and find the right balance between the two!

Eleanor xx

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April Wishlist

Introductions are hard, especially when you're having writers block so I'm just going to say here is my wishlist...

Topshop Cami Dress - £12
After watching Shirley and Sami's videos on how to style camis I fell in love with the grey cami dress that Shirley wore in her video and knew that I had to have it. It probably won't look as great on me as it looked on Shirley as I don't have her curves but I can just pretend can't I?  

Zara Metallic Heels - £ 59.99
I don't really have much to say about these heels apart from THEY'RE SO PRETTY! I'm quite a magpie when it comes to anything sparkly or shiny hence my addiction to these Zara beauties. I have no idea where or when I would wear them, all I know is that my tootsies would look great in them.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paints in Sugar Apple, Pink Lady and Huckleberry - £3.99
I already own quite a few of the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints and they are some of my favourite nail varnishes. I love Barry M as a brand for nail varnish because they are affordable and have a great range of colours, and their new spring releases are no exception.

John Green The Collection - £29.99
If you follow my Instagram you'll know that last month I finally got around to reading A Fault In Our Stars by John Green, after my friend Maddie lent it to me. It's such a beautiful book and one of my new favourites, and I really would recommend you reading it if you haven't already. So it only makes sense that I buy all of John Greens books and read them all right before they're all made into films right?

Sorry that this post has been a bit all over the place and my writing has been so poor but I promise that my next few posts will make up for it, especially since one of them will include a GIVEAWAY! Yes you heard right. I will soon be doing my first giveaway to celebrate reaching 500 followers on GFC and 400 on Bloglovin and to thank all of you for reading my little blog. So keep your eyes peeled...

Eleanor xx

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Nails - Mr Men and Little Miss

When I was a kid I loved the Mr Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves, I had hundreds of them including one signed by the author himself. Some children's books are timeless and the Mr Men and Little Miss books are definitely books that I will read with my future offspring, like my parents read them with me. 

So today I decided to do some nail art inspired by some of my favourite characters: Mr Bump, Mr Tickle, Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Messy. To create the nail art I used my brightest Barry M polishes and my models own nail art pens.

Did you read the Mr Men and Little Miss books when you were a kid?

Eleanor xx

Friday, 28 March 2014

March Rate Or Hate

It feels like it's been ages since I last wrote a favourites post but that's probably because it has been a few months. I'm sorry for slacking but I don't try that many new products each month so sometimes it's hard to find things that I've been loving and hating. But luckily this month I had no trouble deciding my favourites.

This months rate or hate...

Kardashian Kroma Honey Stick Lipgloss and Hask Argan Oil
Rate -
I spotted this small bottle of Hask Argan Oil when I was wandering around the Primark beauty section a couple of months ago. I'd never tried a hair oil before and decided to pick this up on a whim because it was so cheap and I'm really glad I did. I've heard lots of people complain that hair oils can make your hair greasy and way it down but I didn't find this at all with the Hask Argan Oil. It nourishes my spilt ends and leaves my hair feeling soft whether I use it on wet or dry hair, and I feel that it's definitely improved the condition of hair since I started using it. I bought it for £1.50 so it's a bargain compared to other hair oils on the market like Moroccan Oil and you only need a coin sized amount so it will last a very long time.

Hate -
I really dislike using the word 'Hate' to describe the product that I've haven't been loving but it rhymes so I will continue to use it despite the fact that I don't hate my Kardashian Kroma Lipgloss. The reason I don't love the Kardashian Kroma Honey Stick Lipgloss is purely because it smells so strongly of honey (hence the name Honey Stick Lipgloss) that it gives me a headache. The scent is so strong that my friends have told me that they can smell it when I'm wearing it, which I find a bit weird. Despite the smell it's a very nice lip gloss in a beautiful baby pink colour which would suit almost every skin tone, so if you can stand the smell then I'd really recommend it.  

I don't know whether any of you have noticed but I'm 5 followers away from 400 on bloglovin but I've decided that once I reach 400 on bloglovin I am going to do a giveaway to thank you for your support. I was thinking an ASOS voucher because they sell beauty and fashion and this is a beauty and fashion blog, what do you think?

Eleanor xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

4 Products That You Didn't Realize Were Multifunctional

Reading beauty blogs is addictive and can cause a serious dent in your purse. We see people review products on a daily basis and often get sucked into the hype surrounding a product and immediately feel the need to buy it, resulting in a collection of products that I've hardly used. So today I thought I'd show you how to use products, that you probably already own, in ways that you've perhaps never thought of before, showing you that shopping your own collection can lead to as many new discoveries as buying newly released products from Boots.

1. Using lipstick as a blush -
What many people do not know is that just because lipstick has the word 'lip' in it, it doesn't have to be used on your lips as it works amazingly well on your cheeks as a blush. I like to rub a bit of lipstick on the back of my hand before using my fingers to blend it onto my cheeks for a pretty flush of colour. Be careful with what colour lipstick you use though as some work better than others.

2. Using a cream eyeshadow to contour -
I only discovered how well the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe worked as a contour the other day when I ran out of my Sleek Contour Kit. The Maybelline Color Tattoos are designed to be used as cream eyeshaddows but Permanent Taupe is a matte brown that reminds me a lot of Illamasqua's Cream Pigment in Hollow which is a notoriously good product for contouring pale skin. But remember to always make sure that you are using a matte eyeshaddow to contour your face.

3. Using an eyeshadow as a highlighter -
Light shimmery eyeshadows can work as amazing highlighters on the top of your cheek bones as they are often highly pigmented. I love to use my Mac Pressed Pigment in Light Touch as both a highlighter and an eyeshadow as it looks beautiful as either because of its pink undertone and the way it catches the light.

4. Using a clear mascara to set your eyebrows -
Okay so this one you've probably heard of before, but clear mascara is a great cheap alternative to buying brow setting products. A word of warning though is that it will turn brown over time if you fill in your eyebrows like I do!

From Left to Right, Light Touch, Permanent Taupe and Vegas Volt
Finding products like these that can be used in more than one way can create versatility in your collection while cutting down it's size, they're also very handy for traveling when your suitcase has a weight restriction. 

What is your favourite multifunctional product?

Eleanor xx